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The owners of medical marijuana dispensaries face several challenges to take their business off the ground like any other business. Distinct more traditional establishments, these owners of medical marijuana dispensaries often face greater difficulties in obtaining the necessary commercial services and in conduct negative public opinion.

In the last case of NIMBY, the purveyors of medical marijuana dispensaries find it hard to obtain contracts in richer areas and are relegated to less desirable places, which increase the likelihood of facing robberies and break-ins. Many people need medical marijuana to be available to patients who carry cards, but they do not desire to have stores in their neighborhoods.


In two recent incidents, the motivation remains the similar getting marijuana. A dispensary in Colorado Springs has had its container stolen sometimes in the past few days. The thieves used bolt cutters to open the trash receptacle in the hope of finding marijuana debris. Trash has been left on neighboring trails and in parks.

In Langley, BC, a man who legally cultivated medical marijuana in his home opened his door to help two men who claimed to have problems with the car. They pushed him into his house, brandished a gun and a knife, tied him and blindfolded him, and then proceeded to rob the house and cut his marijuana plants. They left, stealing their two vehicles.


While there is not many that banks or commercial account providers can do for domestic producers, for dispensaries, getting the similar scale of commercial services available to other companies would help decrease the attraction of such showcases to thieves and burglars. In addition to the attraction of marijuana in the facilities, it is usually the availability of so much untraceable money that makes the MMJ dispensaries so attractive. The owners have discovered that when they can process credit card transactions, customers prefer to pay in that way. With little cash available, the vulnerability of a location reduces drastically. Check here.

The problems behind obtaining these services lie in the fact that, while several state governments have legitimate the sale of medical marijuana to people who carry cards, the federal government has not accepted marijuana as a state problem. At the federal level, the boat is still illegal, and the banks depend on the FDIC to assure the holders of their accounts, and they must follow numerous federal rules and regulations.


There is actually no way to expect how the struggle will go to completely marijuana legalization. Several cities that already approved the sale of Medical Marijuana are attempting to backtrack; others strive to develop service and availability. The great example of such a situation previously is the re-legalization of alcohol after the prohibition. The crimes surrounding the sale reduced drastically.

Considering the possible tax base, it is not difficult to see why both the state and federal governments would be interested in fully permitting Medical Marijuana Strains. For business owners, that would indicate the availability of all the necessary commercial services, a very welcome change. For more information visit: https://medicalmarijuanahelp.com/article-details/marijuana-allergy/

Testing for Marijuana

There may be a time in a parent’s life when he or she may have to call his or her teenager in and talk about testing for marijuana with the child.

As marijuana is made more and more legal in more and more states, more children are trying and using marijuana. This can hinder the child’s development and make his or her chances of entering the military or a college much less. Read more at http://medicalmarijuanahelp.com/

The marijuana testing process is very easy, and it can be difficult for the child to fake a positive if he or she did use marijuana. These tests also provide the parent with information if the child attempts to state that the test is a false positive and how to find further other tests that can be found to determine the timeline of marijuana use. Click here to read more info about marijuana use.

Children are naturally curious. Teenagers are naturally rebellious. Marijuana fulfills both of these natural callings to a child because they are curious what marijuana is like, and they rebelliously try it even though they know that it is bad for them and illegal. It is up to the parents to head the child off before he or she begins to get into serious trouble with the marijuana. The parent should have a talk with the child and attempt to get him or her to admit to trying the drug and to get the child to stop using the drug. If the simple conversation is not enough to dissuade the child from the use of marijuana, the parent may need to consider testing for marijuana and then admitting the child into a rehabilitation clinic before the use of the marijuana becomes a serious factor in the child’s life.

Testing for Marijuana

There are many other facilities and institutions that will also participate in testing for marijuana that the child may be interested in attending but cannot if he or she is currently using marijuana. These institutions and facilities can include jobs, military schools, military employment and some colleges. Some high schools also have drug testing randomly done on the students and those students who are found to have drugs in their system or possession are often presented with very real drug charges. This can hinder the child from finding gainful employment or continuing the educational goals that the child originally had in mind. The marijuana drug testing is best done by parents who are unlikely to ruin the child’s life by finding the drugs than by a professional institution that must keep the findings on the record.